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She could be funny, serious, and curious, all the same time!

To Maru's husband and family,

     Alicia Contreras phoned me this morning to tell me the very sad news about Maru.  I was shocked and saddened to hear what had happened.
    Alicia and Maru stayed with me during the the 1993 Mobility International  (MIUSA) Exchange,  and again during the 1996  MIUSA reunion.   I learned so much from Maru, and deeply admired her for her courage, stamina, and patience  with those of us who were not as disabled as she was.  She taught me a great deal more than I ever imagined about how to deal with my own disability, and carry on with life.

     Late one evening, as we were driving home from a Mobility potluck dinner, one of the girls made a funny comment, and I laughed  so hard the my car swerved.  After I regained control of the car, Maru remarked that it was fortunate that  a police officer had not seen the way I had swerved.  I agreed, at least until the car behind us turned on his red top lights, and I realized there had been a police officer right behind me.

     I pulled over, prepared to accept the ticket, much to my dismay.  When the officer asked my why I had swerved, I assured him that there was no alcohol involved.   I told him I had laughed so hard at a remark Maru made that I had temporily control of the car.  I said,  "I haven't lauged that  hard in years, and if getting a ticket is the price I have to pay for laughing so hard, then I gladly accept it.  I would do it again in a heart beat"

     The officer thought about it for a minute, and then destroyed the ticket he was writing.  He told me to drive home safely, have a good night, and left without giving me the ticket!  Maru, Alicia, and I breathed a big sigh of relief, and laughed about it all the way home!  After we drove home, I had to laugh again when Maru said,  "Mom, maybe we should try that tomorrow night to see if he will stop you again!  He was REALLY good looking!"  No thanks, once was enough for me!

  That is one of my fondest memories of Maru.  She could be funny, serious, and curious, all the same time!

  I hurt, both for you and with you, in your time of loss.  Maru offered so much to the world, and I will miss her very much.

  Lo siento!  My thoughts and prayers are with you.


                                       Sharing your sorrow,

                                        Jane Walker


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